You want to stop that negative voice in your head.

You’re ready for the negative self-talk and beating yourself up to stop.

Imagine how free it would feel if you spoke, wrote, and coached what’s authentic to you- and not have that pit in your stomach when you hit ‘publish,’ worrying if people will “get” you, afraid they won’t like you, or worse- simply ignore you. 

What if you stopped trying to fit into other people’s boxes (partner, coach, daughter, business owner…) and instead followed your own instincts. 

What if setting healthy boundaries with people was drama-free, and you no longer soaked up other people’s negative emotions like a sponge?

Imagine how much easier life could be if you could be yourself – without worrying about being too loud, opinionated, or intimidating. 

If you’re ready for your business and your life to be less complicated – and more real – then you’re in the right place.


Let’s talk! I offer a free 20-minute discovery call. You can ask me anything, tell me what you need and we’ll see how
I can help. 

About Me

You’ve had enough of that critical voice in your head.
You know you’re really hard on yourself – and try to stay positive and coach yourself out of it. But you keep falling back into old habits of beating yourself up.
Hi, I’m Andrea Hanson. I’m a master certified life and mindset coach who works with coaches who feel held back by their inner mean girl. I teach them how to quiet the critical voice in their head and live life unapologetically.

My own inner mean girl ran my life for as long as I can remember.

I actually believed this harsh way I spoke to myself was “the hard truth” and motivated me to be better. Truthfully, this voice was holding me back in so many ways.

Two huge life changes brought my inner mean girl awareness rushing to the surface – my multiple sclerosis diagnosis and opening my own life coaching practice. If I wanted to stay healthy and stay afloat, I had to heal my relationship with myself – which meant all the easier-said-than-done things like addressing self doubt, impostor syndrome, negative self talk, and self-sabotage. 

Now I teach other coaches how to be unapologetically themselves in their own coaching practice. And how to create healthy boundaries and stay well – especially if they’re doing the passionate yet challenging work of coaching clients who are dealing with the same health challenges as they have.

“Working with Andrea made me realize there is coaching and there is Coaching.  A truly effective coach is not only someone with the ability to create a deeply loving and compassionate space but someone who also has the skills and mastery to guide us into a genuinely new understanding of ourselves and what is possible for us.  Andrea has both of these qualities in (many, many) spades.”

-Maria, London

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