Stop Censoring Yourself.

Why do so many connections feel so…complicated? Even those with friends and family?

Imagine feeling free to be yourself – and attracting more authentic relationships because of it. 

What if you had a more meaningful connection with your partner, friends, and family? 

What if setting healthy boundaries with people was drama-free, and steering clear of toxic people was a no-brainer?

Imagine how much easier life could be if you could unapologetically be yourself – without worrying about being too loud, opinionated, or intimidating. 

If you’re ready for your life and your relationships to be less complicated – and more real – then you’re in the right place.


Let’s talk! I offer a free 30-minute discovery call. You can ask me anything, tell me what you need and we’ll see if there’s a coaching program that can help you. (If not – I’ve got you covered. I’ll give you resources to help that you can trust.)

Overwhelmed & Over IT?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by…well, everything?
  • Procrastinating on making decisions?
  • Saying “yes” way too often because it’s just easier than saying “no?”

Check out how to reduce your overwhelm in one simple step. Find out how to quickly get rid of that pit in your stomach when you think about everything you had to do. Because life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Promise.

About Me

You’ve had enough of that inner mean girl in your head.
You know you’re really hard on yourself – and try to stay positive. But you keep falling back into old habits of beating yourself up.
Hi, I’m Andrea Hanson. I’m a master certified mindset coach who works with people who feel held back by their inner mean girl. I teach them how to quiet the critical voice in their head and live life unapologetically.

My own inner mean girl ran my life for as long as I can remember.

I actually believed this harsh way I spoke to myself was “the hard truth” and motivated me to be better. Truthfully, this voice was holding me back in so many ways.

When I decided to reach out for some help I was a little nervous about what I might find out about myself. Instead I learned my thoughts and feelings had something to do with the some of the pain I was feeling in my body. Working with Andrea I now know I can change my thoughts and feelings and take action to get different results. Would truly recommend someone like myself with MS working with Andrea. Every week she would encourage me and help me understand myself. I now have the tools to work with to change my life!

Linda A. / Sugarland, TX

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