12 Week Jumpstart

12 Week Jumpstart:
Create healthy habits and a new approach that fits seamlessly into your life

Personalized support to help you create a simple, effective lifestyle you can stick with so you can feel stronger and heal your body.

You’re doing a great job at handling your autoimmune diagnosis. You’re determined not to let your chronic illness hold you back – but you’re secretly worried that it is.

You’re a master at researching new things to help with your health, but you’re tired of everything kind-of working but not making a huge difference. You feel like there are lots of different changes to make and keeping up with what you “should be doing” feels overwhelming.

If everything in your life is running smoothly, you can do one or two new things and feel great. But life rarely runs smoothly and you’re often starting and stopping what you ultimately want to be a new habit.

This game of whack-a-mole of never having a handle on everything (or even most things) at the same time can be exhausting.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like your overall energy is dipping and can’t accomplish as much as you used to each day.
  • Your health is your number one priority, yet you can’t seem to kick those habits you know aren’t good for you like not getting enough sleep or overextending yourself for other people.
  • You’re frustrated (and maybe a bit hard on yourself) because you know there are things that can help you like changing your diet and working out, but each time you try something new you slowly fall off the wagon.
  • You put on your game face and try to stay positive to make sure no one knows how frustrated and tired you really are because you don’t want them to worry about you.  

If only living a normal life while dealing with your autoimmune disorder wasn’t so…complicated.

What if you knew how to create healthy habits you can easily stick with, could stop stress before it gets out of control, and felt better on a daily basis?

You just want to feel normal again. And you know there has to be a way.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wonder why complete change seems to come so easily to some people but you can’t get past the “mostly, but not consistently” point when it comes to new habits.
  • You’re afraid that if you don’t start now – like seriously now- you will forever be stuck knowing what to do to help yourself but not doing it.
  • When you’re out with friends and family you feel left out because you don’t want to eat and drink what they’re having.
  • You’ve tried for a while to get a handle on your stress and anxiety, but nothing seems to work long term and the stress keeps creeping back.

The good news is you can have that normal life…and I can help.

I work with women like you who are determined to not let their autoimmune disorders hold them back. You’ll learn how to create a better lifestyle than you had before your diagnosis and know how to stick with it. You can go beyond diet changes to practicing a holistic approach to health so you can focus on more important things in your life than…bread.

After completing the 12 Week Jumpstart you’ll:

  • Have a cohesive plan for lifestyle changes that you can stick with.
  • Finally feel excited to go out to dinner without worrying about what you’ll eat.
  • Stop feeling frustrated with yourself and instead have the confidence to follow through with what you want (even if other people think you’re nuts).
  • Know how to improve your energy so you feel focused and productive during the day.
  • Understand exactly how to decrease stress and anxiety so that you feel more in control and you’re not reacting so much to the little (and big) things in life.

The 12 Week Jumpstart includes:

The Jumpstart Worksheet
Who has time for a slow start? The Jumpstart Worksheet will help us get the most out of our time together right from the beginning. You’ll answer simple questions to help identify where you are and what you most struggle with.

12 Weekly private coaching sessions

During each 50-minute private coaching session, we’ll focus on exactly what living your healthiest life looks like. We’ll cover everything from truly feeling stronger to lovingly saying “no” to those activities that don’t help you. You’ll learn to fiercely have your own back and how to stop stress in it’s tracks. Instead of life derailing you, you can stick with any change you want to make.

The Open Door Policy

During our 3 months together, you can get support from me Monday – Friday through email. You have direct access to me – even if you have a question 5 minutes after we end a session. You’ll be able to tweak your follow through, get reminded of what we worked on that week, or just get a pep talk (my specialty) to help you keep moving forward between sessions.

You can create a healthy lifestyle and not be so focused on your diagnosis.

I can help.

Investment: $2100

Want to learn more?

Great! – Here’s what to do next.

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation. You can do that by clicking here.

Step 2: Watch your email for a link to questions from me. I would like to know a bit about you and what you’re looking for.

Step 3: Follow the link in the email to the questionnaire and give brief answers before our scheduled time. (Please do this a day or so before our appointment so there’s time for me to go over them before we talk.)

Step 4: We chat at our scheduled time! We’ll use that time to make sure coaching with me is the perfect fit before you commit.

Step 5: Then we’ll get started! If we decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps to get started. If you decide to not work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Have questions? Email me here.

What people are saying about coaching with Andrea…

“I know I’m an awesome client (HA!), but I also know that what I’m learning with you in this short time would have taken me months or even years to have come to on my own, if ever! You’ve pointed me to look at things I may have overlooked and suggested taking some action as a way to further investigate what I noticed. The result has been relevant experiences that have accelerated my personal growth in ways that mere words and concepts never could. It would be hard to overstate the value that this coaching experience has brought me to…Thank you, Andrea!” Mark – Virginia

“I absolutely recommend Andrea as a coach. I really felt like I learned a lot about myself. I didn’t think that would happen in my 40’s and have been pleasantly surprised. Not by my state, but by realizing how I react to things and how what I think I’m dealing with is not always what is the issue. I really came away feeling more in control rather than things happening to me and me just having to deal with it. It’s like I’ve taken a step back and can see the whole picture clearer now.

Andrea is knowledgeable, kind and not judgmental. I think this is important to know when you are opening yourself up to somebody and in order to let yourself become so exposed.

Thank you, Andrea! I really found the process very enlightening and I think I came out of our sessions better prepared for daily life, with or without MS.”  Nicole, Dallas, Texas