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Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis: Online Course


This is a 3-month program. I teach people living with a chronic illness how to create powerful mindsets so they can have better health, relationships and lovwer stress- without the pressure of having to stay positive all the time. 

In this course I teach how to quiet your inner critic using the Inner Critic Cycle, how to create and follow through with sustainable boundaries, and how to leverage every part of your mindset to your advantage using the Whole Mindset Method.

Enrollment is currently closed, but the Founder’s Round will open in June, 2023. If you join the waitlist, you’ll be the first to hear when the doors open and get first dibs on special pricing, access, and options as a member of the Founder’s Round.  Plus, in the meantime, I’ll send you my popular free guide, The No BS Guide to a Positive Mindset.