Graphic with the course neame- The 8 Week Mindset Challenge

Welcome to the 8 Week Mindset Challenge!


Thank you for joining!

I look forward to helping you optimize your mindset so that you can optimize your health and lifestyle goals!

This challenge is designed to give you an entirely new approach to easily creating and maintaining new lifestyle changes, quieting you inner critic, and to stop being so hard on yourself.
(And at no point am I going to tell you to “just stay positive!”)

 ⭐️Here’s what you need to know:

✔️  Go here to fill out your onboarding form so I can learn more about your starting point and goals so I can personalize your course experience.

✔️  The kickoff call and first live workshop is on Tuesday, September 12th at 11am mountain/12pm central.

✔️  When we get closer to the program, I will send you an email with your log in details to get into the course hub. You can sign in, take a look around, and introduce yourself in the community section.

✔️  You can always reach me at if you have any questions.


You’ll also get an email with this information for future reference.

I look forward to working with you!


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