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     Andrea Wildenthal Hanson
    “This is the path to compassion and love for yourself” (Leslie)

    “I have noticed since I started working with her, I’m a happier and more confident person.” (Farnaz)

    “I was able to reduce my stress and anxiety and make things that matter, matter.

    My experience with Andrea has been life-changing” (Charissa)

    “She pushes you through a journey of personal discovery so you can make productive changes in your everyday life, but she does so in a way that is completely comfortable, friendly and genuinely fun.” (Jason)

    “I would recommend Andrea to anyone. Even if you just need a tune-up or someone to talk to. Even if you don’t think you have ANY problems or issues. If you’re willing to relax and just talk, I think you’d find that there is a possibility of seeing things differently and that, will bring you peace.” (Nancy)

    “Reading books can change the way you think about your world. Implementing what you learn can change the way you exist in your world.”  -Andrea W. Hanson

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