Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis

Online Course

You’re ready to get back to your usual high achieving self. But you don’t want to anger your chronic illness while you’re doing it.

Learn how to get back to your fulfilling life – while taking care of your chronic illness. 

  • Create a strong mindset that helps you build back your resilience and confidence.
  • Effectively handle stress and stay motivated- in a completely new way.
  • Learn how to talk about what you need- and prepare for other people’s reactions.
  • In-person lessons, coaching, accountability and questions answered by Andrea in weekly classes.
  • Lifetime access to materials.
Andrea Hanson

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About Me

Andrea W. Hanson is a professional speaker and the author of two books about having a positive mindset while living with a diagnosis; “Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis” and “Stop Carrying The Weight of Your MS”. She’s also a master life & mindset coach who’s lived with multiple sclerosis for over two decades. Her podcast, “Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis” features conversations with people creating extraordinary lives while living with chronic illness.

Andrea teaches people how to tune out the noise of their inner critic and listen to their authentic voice so they can feel confident in their ability to make changes and create the life they want.

She loves to hike in the mountains with her Blue Heeler — and sometimes other humans, too. She’s happiest when traveling with her husband and exploring new things — or simply sitting poolside with a good book.

What Clients are saying about working with Andrea…

“Andrea has a way of shining a new light on any struggle or stressful situation I encounter. I will forever see the world differently. I finally understand what people are talking about when they say that all the answers are within you. I’ve gained a sense of freedom and empowerment. It’s impossible to interact with Andrea without becoming enriched as a person.” – Toni

“What I’m learning with you in this short time would have taken me months or even years to have come to on my own, if ever! You’ve pointed me to look at things I may have overlooked and suggested taking some action as a way to further investigate what I noticed. The result has been relevant experiences that have accelerated my personal growth in ways that mere words and concepts never could. It would be hard to overstate the value that this coaching experience has brought me to…Thank you, Andrea!” – Mark

This programme is as whip smart as it is enlightening.  Andrea has managed to condense a huge amount of material into a simple, streamlined process that gives an entirely new spin on our relationship with our inner mean girl.  The thing that really stands out for me is the love with which it is approached- Andrea’s signature unwavering commitment to treating ourselves with the utmost respect and tenderness makes transformation easy and sustainable.”  – Maria

Mind-blowing, true and life-changing. My inner critic affected my moods, being irritated and defensive in my conversations, isolating myself, and not going out for opportunities because I thought I would fail and I wasn’t good enough.
I would highly recommend working with Andrea Hanson to anyone wanting to change the inner critic voice and grow the relationship they have with themselves. She meets you where you are at and creates a safe, supportive environment while guiding and supporting you through the work. It truly is a life-changing program and experience.” – Kris

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