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What I’m learning with you in this short time would have taken me months or even years to have come to on my own, if ever! You’ve pointed me to look at things I may have overlooked and suggested taking some action as a way to further investigate what I noticed. The result has been relevant experiences that have accelerated my personal growth in ways that mere words and concepts never could. It would be hard to overstate the value that this coaching experience has brought me to…Thank you, Andrea!”

Mark, VA

I am blown away by how much progress I have made in my mindset and energy level after just two sessions. Andrea’s knowledge and skill as a coach is fantastic. What I loved most was her ability to listen, figure out what I needed and help me stay on track. I recommend Andrea with complete enthusiasm.”

Melanie, MA

Her incredible expertise, crazy amazing insights, hunches, patience, precision, clarity, awareness, deep kindness and love can only come from that place of deep authentic experience.   She is able to hold the paradox of being human – to be at once completely accepting of where I was and at the same time fearless in her confidence of helping me see who I truly am and what I can be.” 

Maria, UK

Andrea has a way of shining a new light on any struggle or stressful situation I encounter. I will forever see the world differently. I finally understand what people are talking about when they say that all the answers are within you. I’ve gained a sense of freedom and empowerment. It’s impossible to interact with Andrea without becoming enriched as a person.”

Toni, ME