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Got Energy?

How to boost your energy and feel like yourself again

You lay awake at night wondering if you’ll have the energy tomorrow to get everything done. Knocking out your full schedule used to not be a problem before your autoimmune diagnosis, but these days (you hate to admit it) keeping up with everything has been tough.

You worry that your lack of energy will make you miss out on opportunities at work, miss important events with your family, flake out of get-togethers with friends, or stop traveling like you love doing.

Some days you can push through your entire to-do list and some days you can do maybe two things before you’re tapped and just want to veg on the couch. You’re often working on a “have to” basis and can’t imagine adding in things you actually want to do because you’re sure you’ll run out of steam before you get to it.

Imagine how different your life would be if you had a way to boost your energy.

Imagine feeling more like yourself again. Not worrying if other people think you’re a flake because you back out of plans. Having the focus to carefully plan and stay consistent with the healthy habits you want to make in your life.

Imagine being more energized on a daily basis and basing your decisions on what you’re excited to do, not on how tired you are. You could shine at work, be fully present with your friends and family, and continue healing your body.

Do any of these sound familiar?

    • You worry that if you aren’t able to find more energy it will affect your health, your relationships, your career, and your ability to make more money
    • You’re afraid that your lack of energy will only get worse, making you feel even less like yourself
    • You push yourself to get things done when you get tired, even though you know that’s a fast track to stress and possibly relapse.
    • You worry that feeling this low energy is just how it will be now that you have an autoimmune disorder
    • You’re frustrated because you tried working out (who has the energy for that?) and other supposed techniques to boost your energy and they just haven’t worked for you.

I’ll help you learn surprising ways to gain and maintain your energy (that have nothing to do with sweating) so that you can thrive again both personally and professionally.

You want to feel fulfilled in your personal and work life and to do it in a way that still protects your energy and your health. You want to know how to balance taking action with taking care of yourself. Together, we’ll develop simple strategies to gain more energy in ways that fit seamlessly into your day.

After completing Got Energy? you’ll-

  • Know how to be productive without pushing yourself beyond your limits
  • Understand how to develop new habits without using a ton of energy
  • Find out how to develop the stamina to stay active with your family and friends, workout, plan and cook healthy meals, or simply add more fun into your day without it zapping all your energy
  • Finally, feel excited about traveling again because you know you’ll have the energy to enjoy yourself instead of staying in all day

Sounds fantastic, right? It’s possible!

The Got Energy? Package includes:

The Pilot Light

Questions to help you get started immediately. You’ll shed new light on exactly when your energy dips and find surprising details about where you may unknowingly be wasting energy during your day. This will help you be ready to go when we talk one on one.

Spark Your Fire (90-Minute Private Coaching Session)

In this first coaching session (using video conferencing) we’ll dive right in and find the exact reasons you’re losing energy. Then together we come up with specific solutions that fit your life. You’ll walk away knowing what to instantly shift during your day to start finding that extra energy.

Fanning the Flames

After the first coaching session, you’ll spend two weeks trying your new strategies on for size. During that time you’ll get emails from me to support you while you practice your new plan. You’ll see how everything fits into your life in real-time and notice the difference in energy.

Build Your Bonfire (30-Minute Private Coaching Session)

We’ll debrief with this second coaching session (using video conferencing) immediately after your two weeks of practice. You’ll learn how to amplify what worked and tweak what didn’t so you’re ready to move forward on your own.

You can finally stop worrying that people think you’re flaking out and actually have the energy to feel more like yourself again.

Yes. It’s possible.

Are you ready?

Investment: $197

Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Make your payment & schedule your first session by clicking here.

Step 2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your Pilot Light questions and instructions for booking your first private coaching session.

Step 3. Then we’ll hold your first session and start finding the energy you’ve been missing.

Have questions? I’m happy to help. Email me by clicking here.