You’ve had enough of being critical of yourself. 

The truth is, your inner mean girl doesn’t make you better. She makes you doubt yourself, procrastinate, worry about everything, and just tires you out. 

You want to finally quiet that mean voice in your head. I can help. 

Hi, I’m Andrea Hanson! 

I’m a master certified mindset coach who helps people quiet their inner critic so they can stop censoring themselves and live unapologetically. 

Being hard on yourself starts with what seems like tough love and creates a domino effect that ends with doing nothing at all. This self-doubt stops you from speaking up, doing what you want, and taking on big dreams. 

I help you make peace with that critic so you can finally get out there and do what you crave- without second-guessing yourself.  Read more about me and my relationship with my inner mean girl here. 

Who I Work With

Clients hire me because they can see how self-doubt is holding them back from life. Their fear of what others think of them leads to them playing small and generally staying quiet (which is not their personality at all). 

They’re tired of fading into the background and want to feel like themselves again. 

My clients typically have big personalities and are tired of not letting themselves be who they are. They’ve had it with feeling uncomfortable in their skin and want finally to heal the relationship with themselves. 

We work together to uncover what really motivates their inner mean girl (the answer is often surprising). We then squash their self-doubt and help them heal their relationship with themselves.

The best part is seeing clients uncover parts of them they didn’t know possible — and create deeper, more meaningful connections with others as a result. 

You’re going to feel like you can breathe again – because you’re finally letting you do you.

It sounds amazing because it is. Here’s how we can work together:

Re-introduce Yourself

10 Week Transformational Private Coaching Program

Heal your relationship with yourself and create more confidence in going for what you want – all without the drama of worrying about what other people will think or say. Finally be comfortable in your own skin. Because life is too short to play small. Learn more + Apply

Mean Girl Rehab

Quiet your inner mean girl in three weeks. 

Coaching and self-study that allows to you learn powerful tools to help you quiet that inner mean girl. Designed so you can apply what you learn to your life immediately to stop that inner critic from holding your back.   Learn more + Apply


Coffee Chat

50 Minutes of You + Me

Have questions? Grab some coffee for a complimentary chat with me. We talk about what you want and the best way to get it. If coaching with me isn’t a good fit, I’ve got you covered! I’ll send you plenty of info and resources to get you on the right path. Schedule here.

Not sure what you need?
Feel free to email me at
I’m always on the other end of an email.

What clients are saying…

“This is the path to compassion and love for yourself” (Leslie)

“I have noticed since I started working with her, I’m a happier and more confident person.” (Farnaz)

“I was able to reduce my stress and anxiety and make things that matter, matter.

My experience with Andrea has been life-changing” (Charissa)

“She pushes you through a journey of personal discovery so you can make productive changes in your everyday life, but she does so in a way that is completely comfortable, friendly and genuinely fun.” (Jason)

“I would recommend Andrea to anyone. Even if you just need a tune-up or someone to talk to. Even if you don’t think you have ANY problems or issues. If you’re willing to relax and just talk, I think you’d find that there is a possibility of seeing things differently and that, will bring you peace.” (Nancy)

Want more? Find informative, life-changing testimonials from clients here.

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