I needed a mindset upgrade before I could reach the next level. 

My husband and I had the best waitress the other night. She was exactly what you want in a server – accommodating, generous, and personable. I said, “I bet the new management at this hotel is awesome – you can see their management style clearly reflected in the staff.”

We found out the new owners of the historic Hotel Colorado were, in fact, amazing. Local, caring, and they had big plans to make that hotel shine for the first time in decades.

The new style of love, hope, and vision seeped into the bones of that establishment almost instantly.

That’s what a new leadership looks like.

The effects are immediate. Every part of the business feels the new outlook and reflects that style back to the surrounding environment.

And it can go either way.

Think about a time you had horrible service, when staff answered “I don’t know” to a question with no attempt to find the answer, left you waiting or even ignored you as they walked past your table.

Bad service is a reflection of the leadership style as well.

You can tell what the management is like by watching how the business performs.

Every time.

Your most personal business is you.

You’re managing your life every second of every day.

What does your life look like under the current style?

Are you doing ok?
Mostly living how you want?
Are you 80% there?

What if you had the same level of satisfaction for a restaurant as you did for your life?

Would you pay to eat at a restaurant that was just okay?

Do you want to pay for service that’s 80% efficient?

My guess is you’re like me and only want to spend hard-earned cash at great places that give amazing service – and if they have meh food and okay service, you probably won’t go back.

What’s your personal management style?

Your management is running your body, your relationships, your emotions and all other aspects of your life.

The employees are your body’s functions and systems, the food you choose, the exercise you complete, your beliefs and your emotions. 

Your management style is reflected back to you in real time by the quality of your relationships, your awareness of yourself, how you feel on a daily basis, and your health.

Are you happy with your current management?

Are you micromanaged by evaluating your appearance each time you look in the mirror and giving you harsh reviews for your performance?

Or are you mostly saying “whatever – it is what it is” and leave it at that with no real answers?

Is there interest in thinking outside the box for solutions and creative ways you can better your life?

Does it bully, nitpick and belittle its employees by saying nothing will work?

Maybe your management it super disciplined, kind and always loving?

What’s your management’s mission statement?

Does your management believe in growth and breaking barriers in the future?

Is your management overly concerned with the past and evaluating how things used to be compared to now?

Does your management hold onto old patterns?

Even Fortune 500 businesses change who’s in charge on a regular basis.

Businesses always evaluate management style and the results they get – and the smart ones change if they aren’t getting top-notch performance.

When we reach a new goal, it’s often necessary to change the way you do things to get to the next level.

After careful review, I’ve hired new management for my life.

My new management doesn’t care how things used to work. It’s not concerned with old patterns and what used to be true.

It’s only concerned with the present and the future. It doesn’t acknowledge glass ceilings. And it loves what it sees right now, without worrying about why things look the way they do.

My new management is reflected back in my life and health.

With this new management, I’ve up leveled my business, started a new plan for working out that I’m excited about, refreshed goals, and pushed the bar a bit higher.

And I’m able to love myself and my body on a whole new level.

Things are so much easier now.

Easy to decide a new course of action, change my beliefs and let go of the past – without having to see “proof it works” before I move forward.

Are you ready for a change?

How does your current management perform? Are you ready to hire someone new?

Start filling out your help wanted ad.

What are your top 5 needs in a new manager?
What experience do they need?
What’s your 5-year outlook?

This is no time to be soft or keep current management that you’re not 100% happy with.

Be that badass boss who takes charge and creates the new management that gets the job done – not 80% good, but so completely done that you forget what the issue was to begin with.

Get that new management – and see it immediately reflected in up leveling your life.

Are you ready to manage your life differently?

Let’s talk about how you can do it – schedule a free discovery call.
We’ll chat about how you want your management to change and ways you can start now.