Mean Girl Rehab

A private coaching program

stop your inner critic from holding you back.

I figured out how to get rid of my inner mean girl for good. 

People are surprised to find out my inner mean girl was in control for most of my life. That’s because the battle with our inner critic isn’t heard by other people. We do a great job at hiding the bully in our heads. We put a smile on our face as we do our thing and treat others with kindness – while we quietly tell ourselves that we’re a failure.

All day I told myself I shouldn’t do this and couldn’t say that. I would constantly pick at myself for being too much, too loud, too inexperienced, and too fat. But no one knew a thing about what I said to myself.

Because of this I felt ashamed of myself all the time. I stayed frozen and never felt comfortable being myself. I wouldn’t trust my own instincts, and didn’t take even the smallest risks. Instead I would  do what others thought I should. This led me to bad decisions, toxic relationships, and a business that didn’t feel aligned with who I was.

Once I figured out how to stop my inner critic for good, my world changed. I felt a new level of confidence and realized my self-worth. I felt free to take risks and make decisions that aligned with who I was and what I want.

You can stop being so hard on yourself – for good.  When you sign up for the Mean Girl Rehab private coaching program, you’ll learn a completely new way to quiet your inner critic for good.

This coaching program is for you if…

  • You have projects that you’re super passionate about – but you second-guess yourself and leave them half-finished.
  • When you try something new and big in your business, your negative thoughts make you freeze up and not do it.
  • You try to stop being mean to yourself but it only works for a bit – and if you’re having a bad day you can’t even try.
  • Your confidence in your decisions is easily shaken  and you often ask other people what you should do instead of trusting your gut.
  • You’re up at 3am afraid that you’ll never be successful in your business.

You deserve to live out loud.
Here’s how Mean Girl Rehab will help.


Your confidence in yourself and what you offer in your business will naturally soar when you’re not constantly cutting yourself down.


When you’re not finding fault in everything you do, you’ll feel less pressure and way more relaxed. No more 3am worries.


When you stop critisizing what you do, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to stop procrastinating, make decisions and move forward.


Constantly second-guessing yourself is exhausting. When you shift that mindset you’ll find it takes way less energy to get things done.

Better Moods

Being mean to yourself creates a roller coaster of emotions. You’ll learn why you don’t have to wait for someone or something to change in order for you to feel better.


Setbacks will simply be minor bumps in the road – instead of proof that you shouldn’t have tried to begin with. Learn to easily get up and brush yourself off with little ego bruising.

Better Relationships

Feeling seen by others only happens when you truly see yourself. Stopping the inner critic allows you to see your true self. Giving you a deeper connection with others.

Better Health

Trusting that you know what’s right for your health is essential. When you stop being mean and start supporting yourself, you can make lifestyle changes that you easily stick with.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I shouldn’t need this – I should be able to do this on my own.”

Then this program is definitely for you.

Before working with Andrea I was extremely hard on myself. If I stopped to think about the way I would talk to and about myself it was always quite harsh and negative.
When I caught myself trying to talk myself out of joining (you don’t need that, you’re a coach, you should be able to figure this out on your own, this isn’t for you, etc.) I realized that was precisely why I should join! My inner mean girl was trying to talk me out of it.
I was skeptical about being able to learn something new or apply something I already knew in a different way and see some results in just three weeks. But all of that happened.  I no longer feel like I’m drowning in negative thoughts about myself. They are quieter and are no longer driving my daily life. And it all happened in three weeks! Thank you, Andrea!
I really appreciate being in a safe space to explore my thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Andrea created this space beautifully.
I definitely recommend working with Andrea, especially if there is a part of you, the part that tends to cut you down, telling you this is not for you. It is. This is for everyone.
Angie Callister

Life Coach, Mom

Mean Girl Rehab private coaching program

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You don’t have to live with that negative voice in your head.

I’m Andrea Hanson – a master certified mindset coach and author of two bestselling books.

Living with multiple sclerosis allowed me to see just how hard I was on myself. My inner critic was affecting my health, my relationships and my ability to earn money.

I found a way to stop my inner mean girl for good- and I’m teaching that process to clients all over the world.

My specialty is helping people who’s self-doubt holds them back. I help them calm that inner critic so they can create a life and business in line with who they really are and what they truly want.

This programme is as whip smart as it is enlightening.  Andrea has managed to condense a huge amount of material into a simple, streamlined process that gives an entirely new spin on our relationship with our inner mean girl.  The thing that really stands out for me is the love with which it is approached- Andrea’s signature unwavering commitment to treating ourselves with the utmost respect and tenderness makes transformation easy and sustainable.   Gone are the days when I needed to goad myself for goading myself and I now have the tools to create a harmonious relationship with all the bits of me, culminating in a life that is more full of space, and, most importantly, unconditional kindness for myself.”
Maria Schonfeld

Life Coach, Musician

Mean Girl Rehab is mind-blowing, true and life-changing. My inner critic affected my moods, being irritated and defensive in my conversations, isolating myself, and not going out for opportunities because I thought I would fail and I wasn’t good enough.
I saw the impact it was having on my marriage, my freelance career, my health, and the potential impact it could have on my daughter all because of the messages in my head and how mean I was to myself. I wanted to stop tearing myself down all the time because it just wasn’t a fun place to be.
The way I talk to myself and interact with the mean thoughts and my mean loop continues to change. It is truly a gift, like I am treating myself with gentleness and self-love. 
I would highly recommend working with Andrea Hanson and this program to anyone wanting to change the inner critic voice and grow the relationship they have with themselves. She meets you where you are at and creates a safe, supportive environment while guiding and supporting you through the work. It truly is a life-changing program and experience. 
Kris McElroy

Artist, Motivational Speaker

Your inner critic doesn’t have to hold you back. 

  • If you’re ready to stop letting your negative, critical thoughts slow you down….
  • If you’re ready to have a business and life where you feel free to be your crazy, quirky, opinionated, strong beautiful self…
  • If you’re ready to stop worrying about what other people think of you and just let yourself loose on the world…

This program is for you.

Investment: $750.00 Risk Free. Seriously.

Money Back Guarantee:

This program is about taking action and     you’ll get out what you put in. I guarantee you WILL have a template for a brand new process to get rid of the doubt that stops you, be less burdoned by procrastination and perfectionism, and feel ready to tackle your biggest I-never-thought-I-could-do-that goals in your business and life.

After just one session, you will have exactly what you need to feel less affected by your inner critic and start feeling relief.

If you don’t feel relief after our first session, just send me an email and you’ll get your money back — no awkwardness.

Andrea has a way of shining a new light on any struggle or stressful situation I encounter. I will forever see the world differently. I finally understand what people are talking about when they say that all the answers are within you. I’ve gained a sense of freedom and empowerment. It’s impossible to interact with Andrea without becoming enriched as a person.”

Toni, Essler

Psychic Life Coach

What I’m learning with you in this short time would have taken me months or even years to have come to on my own, if ever! You’ve pointed me to look at things I may have overlooked and suggested taking some action as a way to further investigate what I noticed. The result has been relevant experiences that have accelerated my personal growth in ways that mere words and concepts never could. It would be hard to overstate the value that this coaching experience has brought me to…Thank you, Andrea!”

Mark, VA

Certified Life Coach

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