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What clients are saying…

“Andrea’s knowledge and skill as a coach is fantastic. What I loved most was her ability to listen, figure out what I needed and help me stay on track. I recommend Andrea with complete enthusiasm.” -Melanie V., CT

“Coach, loving guide, friend, wise teacher and living proof for what is possible. Andrea is one of the realest deals I’ve ever encountered (I’ve encountered a lot of deals). Anyone who gets to bask in even a snippet of her incredibly clear, unassuming warmth, humour, mad ninja skills (and vast knowledge of pop culture references) will find themselves blessed, refreshed and standing in their lives in ways they may not have dreamed possible.”  -Maria S., UK

“…What I’m learning with you in this short time would have taken me months or even years to have come to on my own, if ever! You’ve pointed me to look at things I may have overlooked and suggested taking some action as a way to further investigate what I noticed. The result has been relevant experiences that have accelerated my personal growth in ways that mere words and concepts never could. It would be hard to overstate the value that this coaching experience has brought me to…Thank you, Andrea!”   -Mark J, VA