What one thing can pick you up, let you down, turns you upside down and pushes you forward, all without lifting a finger?

A Thought.

One little sentence that you think and believe can do all of that and more.
It doesn’t even have to be a big sentence. It can be just a few words.

Believing just a few words can do so much.

It can keep you from enjoying a beautiful moment.
It can stop you from loving or appreciating someone for who they are.
It can spin fear, anger, sadness, and insecurity or keep you stuck for years.

One little thought can turn an inanimate object into a life altering force of nature.

Numbers on a scale.
The words printed on your business card.

These all represent nothing until we give them meaning with our thoughts.

They are just numbers, pieces of paper and ingredients.
Actually, they are all just molecules, existing together, until we make them mean something else.

We think money is evil or lacking.
We can feel unworthy because of how much or how little we have.

We think the number on the scale is too high or low.
We can feel depressed because we can’t make it change fast enough.

We think food is comforting or restricting.
We can feel upset that it didn’t dull enough of the pain.

We think jobs define who we are.
We can feel trapped because our title doesn’t say what we want it to say.

One little thought changes the meaning of everything.

Which means one thought can make everything better.

It can make annoyances into no big deal.
It can turn spinning wheels into inspired traction.
It can make you realize all is not lost and, in fact, the best is ahead of you.
One little thought can replace ‘not enough’ with abundance.

It can help you see the beauty, vibrancy and love that you and everyone else possess, no matter what religion, political affiliation or moral standpoints are present.

Yes, there is great power in just one thought.
You don’t like how a thought sounds? You don’t like how it feels to you?
Change it.
It’s that simple.

These are your thoughts, not anyone else’s.
Do with them what you like.
It’s your business what you choose to believe.

But know that choosing what thoughts to believe is enormously important.
It’s one of the strongest powers we all have as humans.

Know what you are thinking.
Understand how your thoughts are making your feel.
Know that how you feel is not due to the objects or situations or other people in your life.
How you feel comes from how you think about them.

And you can change how you think about them quicker than you imagine.

Choose your thoughts carefully.

That choice to believe contains huge influence over your life.

I see it every day with my own thoughts.
Anytime I’m feeling frustrated or upset or sad, it always comes down to what I’m thinking.

It’s aggravating at times because I just want to blame someone else for a predicament I’m in.
But deep down I know I can’t.

And after I get sick of being angry and have thrown my last tantrum, I find it.
I find my thought that I believe without question.
The thought causing my frustrations.

I observe what believing that thought has caused in my life.
Feeling less than, maybe holding back from something or getting incredibly frustrated because I think I should be different than I am.

I choose to stop believing that thought and believe another that makes me feel how I want to feel.
Maybe that time it’s calm, or confident, or feeling at peace knowing that I am exactly who I am meant to be in that moment.

I surround myself with friends, peers and mentors who all do work like this with their thoughts.
I teach my clients how to do this work as well.

It’s moving. It’s highly effective. It’s imperative.

You can change how you feel.
You can change how you act.
You can change you life.

And it all begins and ends with…
…One little thought.


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