The Podcast

A mindset podcast to help people living with a chronic illness be confident in their ability to be and do anything they want in life regardless of their limitations. Everyone has a unique path and we give examples of all types so listeners can pave one that works for them.

We talk to professionals in all industries, people reaching their dream goals or finding their passions — and hear their stories. If you’re a high achiever living with a chronic illness that wants to get back to living your life and doing what you do – this podcast is for you.

Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis

Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis

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About Me

Andrea W. Hanson is a bestselling author, speaker, and master life and mindset coach who’s lived with multiple sclerosis for over two decades. She’s written two books on having a positive mindset while living with a diagnosis. She’s consulted with many organizations such as the National MS Society and MS Society of America to teach and inspire people living with a chronic illness to create a life they love.

Andrea works with high acheivers living with autoimmune disorders. They want to get back to doing what they love – without angering their chronic illness. Andrea helps them become their own expert in listeneing to their body so they can stop holding back and move forward with confidence.

Inspiring and Thoughtful

Andrea brings a special warmth to each episode, offering ideas, hope and inspiration for next steps as you are navigating a diagnosis for yourself of someone you care about. An excellent resource and food for thought! Rozin129


Andrea is an inspiring chronic illness warrior that genuinely enjoys giving individuals platforms to share their stories and spread their unique insight! This podcast provides realistic and relevant information and narratives that can help others! MOMO01022022

Loving This Podcast!

Andrea’s voice and style makes this podcast so enjoyable and easy to listen to. I’ve binge listened and gotten some great nuggets of wisdom! Super helpful info and I’m definitely looking forward to more episodes.” AJVDub

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