“I had no hesitations in working with Andrea. She was great. Andrea is very comfortable to work with and although she walked me through questioning some of the things I do to myself (thank you) it was never uncomfortable.
Since we started working together, I feel very much more comfortable and less stressed in my own skin. I feel more in control of myself.
The best thing about coaching with Andrea was the one on one time and then time on my own to observe. I think I tend to be a little slower on the pickup and sometimes I benefit from time to reflect and observe myself in between sessions.

I absolutely recommend Andrea as a coach. I really felt like I learned a lot about myself. I didn’t think that would happen in my 40’s and have been pleasantly surprised. Not by my state, but by realizing how I react to things and how what I think I’m dealing with is not always what is the issue. I really came away feeling more in control rather than things happening to me and me just having to deal with it. It’s like I’ve taken a step back and can see the whole picture clearer now.

Andrea is knowledgeable, kind and not judgmental. I think this is important to know when you are opening yourself up to somebody and in order to let yourself become so exposed.

Thank you, Andrea! I really found the process very enlightening and I think I came out of our sessions better prepared for daily life, with or without MS.”

– Nicole D. / Dallas, TX

“I came to you because I needed clarity on what I to do in my life because I had so much going on. You helped me sort through each item and learn how to review my thoughts, which were a major problem with a great number of the things I allowed to overwhelm me. The mind is truly a powerful tool and you really do have control over your life. You’ve GOTTA BELIEVE!

Thank you so much and you just have no idea how much you have helped me. None will be forgotten because all of it can be used the rest of my life.”

– Therease W. / Ft. Worth, TX

“When I decided to reach out for some help I was a little nervous about what I might find out about myself. Instead I learned my thoughts and feelings had something to do with the some of the pain I was feeling in my body. Working with Andrea I now know I can change my thoughts and feelings and take action to get different results. Would truly recommend someone like myself with MS working with Andrea. Every week she would encourage me and help me understand myself. I now have the tools to work with to change my life!”

– Linda A. / Sugarland, TX

“I can truly say “My experience working with Andrea has been life changing!” I was first hesitant, as well as, curious about working with her. First, I just didn’t believe that a person from a different ethnicity and background could ever possibly understand my life struggles, and secondly, there was nothing wrong with me! OMG!!!! She blew that whole theory out of the water, and I’m a better person for it.She helped me to take a look at my beliefs, well things I thought where my beliefs, in fact I was holding on to things other people thought I should believe, things that really weren’t even valid or healthy for my life. And by doing this I was able to stop taking on other peoples STUFF!

I was able to reduce my stress and anxiety, and making things that matter, matter. The thing I liked best about working with Andrea was, she made everything simple, and she broke down the fact that life is truly simple, we just make it hard. I have recommended this service to a lot of my friends and family, simple because they see a change in me and I believe it would be beneficial to their happiness and the quality of life.

The most important thing a person should know about working with Andrea is to be honest, to her and yourself, she nonjudgmental and she is sincerely interested in helping you be the best you that you can be. Andrea has helped me realize that the life I was living was unrealistic, and not conducive to a person living with MS. Now I’m stronger physically, mentally and spiritually, I thank God for her true compassion.”

– Charissa S. / Dallas, TX

“I met Andrea in the “Everyday Matters” 5 weeks event. She was so inspiring and energetic in teaching the concepts and reflecting the information on actual everyday life issues. Communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas were so easy with her. She encourages and excites everyone to participate. What I like best about working with Andrea is her articulate talent in helping to see how I can reach my goal despite the problems and shortcomings. She can understand the difficulties and challenges I have to face because of Multiple Sclerosis. I have noticed that since I started working with her I am a happier and more confident person. I would strongly recommend Andrea’s coaching services to everybody because she puts her heart in her practice and connects with her client’s heart to heart and I believe this is what makes her so different and better.”

– Farnaz N. / Dallas, TX

“Andrea is amazing. It took me a whole year between my 20-minute consultation call to sign up with her. I was terrified to actually look at and “deal with” my overeating. It was easier to ignore it and be miserable. But one thing she said in her intro call stuck with me and eventually led me back to taking the leap to work with her. She said that what was causing my overeating was likely causing me not to get what I wanted in other areas of my life too. That was so true, and I realized eventually that I wanted to heal the cause (not just find strategies to lose weight), to create more possibility for myself.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Andrea is her humor. She is hilarious. And she holds the space of no mistakes and that everything is ok so beautifully and in such a fun way. Also, she is extremely skillful. She hears it all, synthesizes it, and feeds it back in a gentle and clear way. Her analogies make so much sense. Her clear teaching and feedback led me to many aha moments that will change my behavior forever!

I enjoyed my time with Andrea and grew immensely in just the six sessions. Her methods are simple, they work, and they can be applied widely to all areas of stuckness, struggle, and unease in life. The process is actually fun (sometimes painful and frustrating), but mostly fun and simple. I now eat more intuitively, stop when I’m nourished and satisfied, feel good about myself and my choices, and feel the feelings that are wanting to be felt. I’m not perfect, and I’m ok with that too!!

I recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to feel good in their bodies and is ready for a new approach to weight loss. If you are willing to think differently and heal the painful feelings caused by unhelpful thought patterns, Andrea is your gal. This work is the anti-diet. It is the path to compassion and love for yourself.”

-Leslie T. / Los Angeles, CA

“I started out the new year with a new attitude that I will get to the bottom of my eating habits with no more diets. I started working with Andrea and fell in love not only with Andrea but most importantly with myself. She walked me through loving myself in ways that do not always include food. She showed me how I was sugarcoating my thoughts and feelings rather than getting to the core of the issue (literally). She taught me how to love myself rather than avoiding my feelings and eating to cover them up.

For the first time in my life, my body weight is coming off and I am not on a diet. I really enjoyed her feedback, we laughed, cried and healed together my time with Andrea was very loving and supportive. I use the tools she shared with me to continue to bring my body into balance. I am oh so grateful for my healthy slim body now.”

– Julie G.   /  Kansas City, Mo.

“I came to Andrea with a few obstacles and a sense of anxiety in my life. After being coached I have this fabulous sense of clarity. She has a way of shining a new light on any struggle or stressful situation I encounter.  I will forever see the world differently. I finally understand what people are talking about when they say that all the answers are within you. I’ve gained a sense of freedom and empowerment. It is impossible to interact with Andrea without becoming enriched as a person. Absolutely Amazing. ”

– Toni E.    /   Portland, Me

“I worked with Andrea for about 6 months and her life coaching techniques changed my life in ways that I never imagined. She is extremely skilled at what she does and is passionate about her work; she has a customized approach that makes the entire process highly effective and personalized. She equipped me with tools that I can use going forward and has continued to be a support to me as I take what I have learned and incorporate it into my daily life. I would recommend Andrea to absolutely anyone that is ready to take the necessary steps to make positive changes in their lives; she made all the difference in mine!”

– Malissa P.   /  Dallas, Tx

“Andrea has helped me totally change my pattern of thinking in a positive way. Everywhere from my personal to professional life, the coaching skill she possesses is second to none. I have used life coaches before in different phases of my life. I must say after only a few sessions she taught me techniques that I use every day.

Coaching with Andrea is a must for anyone wanting to improve their lives.
Thank you, Andrea, for your passion and drive in this industry!”

– Kurt P.    /    Dallas, Tx

“I hired Andrea personally as well as for my team. I was hoping to clear a path through “things” that we have put in the way that tends to disrupt solid communication and productivity in the office.

I greatly appreciate the clarity and perspective she brought to my team, guiding them to find solutions for specific issues. She asked challenging questions and is very quick to get to the core of the concern.

I personally walked away with a different understanding of the issues in my life.  She helped me see alternatives to my point of view and helped bring a real sense of ease to what was going on. Both my team and I value the coaching relationship we have with Andrea and continue to use the skills she taught us.”

– John C.   /  Dallas, Tx/p>

“Andrea is a true ‘player’s coach’. She pushes you through a journey of personal discovery so you make productive changes in your everyday life, but she does so in a way that is completely comfortable, friendly and genuinely fun. The best part of the coaching experience for me was Andrea teaching me how to coach myself on a daily basis.”

– Jason L. /    Dallas, Tx

“Each time I spend time with Andrea, I come away with insights that really stick with me. Sometimes it’s an immediate ‘Ah-ha’ moment, and sometimes days or weeks later something will hit me that inevitably propels me forward.”

– K. T.   /    Dallas, Tx