Re-Introduce Yourself

Reintroduce Yourself.

Private coaching for people who crave real connections with others – and with themselves. 

You feel disconnected. You may have plenty of friends and a partner but those relationships somehow feel fake.

Even if you’re surrounded by people, you feel lonely.

You know a lot of people – you could have lunch with someone today if you wanted to. But you’re tired of socializing with people who you can’t fully be yourself around. 

You’re craving real connection with people. You’re there in a heartbeat for your friends and feel let down when you see your texts go unanswered.

You don’t want to be too much. You bend over backward to make people comfortable. As a result, the relationships you have are surface only because you’re scared of hearing radio silence from the connections you do have. 

More than once you’ve tried to find new friends by joining groups, but it’s hard to find ones with people just like you. You’ve convinced yourself more than once to join a book club (even though you hate book clubs) just to have a consistent group to connect with. 

You wish you could feel comfortable going against other people’s expectations and just be yourself. But you’re just not sure if you can. You dream of having easy and meaningful connections with people who simply like you for you. 

You just want to let your freak flag fly. 

Real Connection. Everybody wants it. Connecting with others is a basic human need.

So why do so many connections feel so…complicated? Even those with friends and family?

Imagine feeling free to be yourself – and attracting more authentic relationships because of it. 

What if you had a more meaningful connection with your partner, friends, and family? 

You’re ready to-

  • Feel confident in yourself and who you are.
  • Have more meaningful connections with others.
  • Feel validated and worthy of being treated like gold.
  • Boldly speak your mind and feel safe.
  • Stand up for yourself and what you want.

What if setting healthy boundaries with people was drama-free, and steering clear of toxic people was a no-brainer?

Imagine how much easier life could be if you could unapologetically be yourself – without worrying about being too loud, opinionated, or intimidating. 

If you’re ready to stop being who others need you to be and are excited to get back to being who you are then it’s time to Reintroduce Yourself.

The Reintroduce Yourself one-on-one coaching program helps you see yourself in an authentically new way. You’ll learn to stop people-pleasing and instead feel confident in who you are – regardless of what other people think. You’ll be able to stop editing yourself in an effort to keep relationships and be truly who you are and form real ones. 

Reintroduce Yourself will help you make your life and your relationships less complicated – and more real.

I’m Andrea Hanson.

I’m a Master Certified Mindset Coach for people who want more meaningful connections with others – and with themselves. 

I help them stop censoring themselves so they can get back to the strong, unstoppable person they know they are – and form real relationships while doing it. 

People told me my whole life that I’m “too much”.  Comments like that left me confused and exhausted because trying to be less of yourself to please others is hard.

When I truly realized that what other people think has nothing to do with me then I felt free to be myself. And what happened was amazing. I had better connections with loved ones, a bunch of friends I could relax around, and a much less complicated life. You can have that, too.

After the Reintroduce Yourself coaching program, you’ll know how to-

  • Gain the confidence to fully be yourself and speak your mind.
  • Have a kind, loving relationship with yourself.
  • Put toxic relationships in their place and set drama-free boundaries.
  • Feel connected and included with others.
  • Treat yourself like your best and most loved friend. 

The Reintroduce Yourself private Coaching Program includes:

Introduce Yourself Questionnaire

Get the most out of our time together right from the beginning. This short and sweet questionnaire allows you to say more about you and what you most want help with. These questions will get you thinking and allow you to squeeze every last drop out of our time together. 

10 Weekly private coaching sessions

During each 50-minute private coaching session, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset to get what you want. We can cover everything from how to stop worrying about what other people think to strengthening the relationships in your life. You’ll get strategies and support the whole way to get the results you need.

The Open Door Policy

During our time together, you get direct access to me via email – even if you have a question 5 minutes after we end a session. Get help with what we worked on that week, or just get a pep talk (my specialty) to keep you on track between sessions.

You can be your unapologetic self and create strong connections at the same time.

I can help.

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Step 3: We chat at our scheduled time! We’ll use that time to make sure coaching with me is the perfect fit before you commit. (If you decide we aren’t a perfect fit, no worries! I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.)

Step 4: If we decide to work together, I’ll tell you the exact steps to get started.
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Have questions?

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If not- I’ve got you covered. I’ll share tried and true resources to help you.



Have a quick question? I’m happy to help. Email me by clicking here.

What clients are saying…

“This is the path to compassion and love for yourself” (Leslie)

“I have noticed since I started working with her, I’m a happier and more confident person.” (Farnaz)

“I was able to reduce my stress and anxiety and make things that matter, matter.

My experience with Andrea has been life-changing” (Charissa)

“She pushes you through a journey of personal discovery so you can make productive changes in your everyday life, but she does so in a way that is completely comfortable, friendly and genuinely fun.” (Jason)

“I would recommend Andrea to anyone. Even if you just need a tune-up or someone to talk to. Even if you don’t think you have ANY problems or issues. If you’re willing to relax and just talk, I think you’d find that there is a possibility of seeing things differently and that, will bring you peace.” (Nancy)

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