I’m Andrea Hanson, a weight and stress management coach.  I work with people who are tired of trying things that don’t work in an effort to get what they want in life.

I teach people how to create a life they’re excited about.

My clients are:

  • Sick of crappy diets that take over their life and still don’t work
  • Fed up with people telling them what to do
  • Ready to take control and figure it out once and for all
  • Really smart men and women who believe the answer is out there and want to find it

Amazing things happen when you stop the noise in your head and start the momentum in your life.

I have a passion for teaching people how to identify exactly what is standing in their way and open themselves to greatness.  It’s a truly powerful moment when someone reaches that clarity.

You can get there.



Andrea Wildenthal Hanson
Weight & Stress Management Coach