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Health Mindset Podcast, Episode 20


Is there a sick mindset? This week I came face to face with just that. Getting sick is frustrating. I think that sentiment would even have bi-partisan support. But it happens because life happens. And sometimes we find ourselves tired, cranky, feverish and snotty. That was me for the past few weeks. But, as I do, I learned from being sick. I learned not just about health, but also about limiting factors that stand in the way of you and your highest success in health, wealth and life. But don’t take my word for it – hear my take what The Big Leap author Gay Hendricks says about the Upper Limit Problem.

We all know we should rest and drink lots of fluids when we’re sick, so why do we typically ignore this very sound advice? I’ve found there a reason (beyond germs) that we get sick in the first place- and it has to do with our mindset.

Join me today for some pretty fascinating information on the sick mindset, and being much healthier because of it.

In this episode, you will learn-

-Why we seem to willfully ruin a streak of healthy eating with junk food – even though we feel amazing while eating nutritious food.

-The real reason we try to push through being sick (it has nothing to do with schedules or responsibilities).

-How getting the flu is tied to your net worth.

-The fascinating reason your mindset can literally make you sick.

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