The Health Mindset Podcast, Episode 1!

Welcome to the Health Mindset Podcast!
This podcast is here to help you not only lose weight, but live a healthy life. I’m discussing where your health actually happens (it’s not in those huge goals) and how a health mindset will get you there. I also talk about who I am and how my experience and expertise can help you.
Great information is good, but what really benefits you is being able to apply this to your life. Not only will you get great information, but each episode will give you one exercise that you can try that will help you apply what you learned directly to you life.

In this episode you will learn-

-What the Health Mindset is and how it can benefit you.

-The one thing that can make or break your plans to lose weight.

-Why wanting good health and taking action isn’t enough to reach your goals.

-Why telling yourself to “do it” and eliminating temptations won’t support your long-term health goals.

At the end of this episode, I let you know the very first step of shifting your mindset into one that supports long-term health. Because listening is great- but actually implementing what you learn is what gives you results.