The Health Mindset Podcast, Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the Health Mindset Podcast, we’re doing a deep dive into what motivates us. I mean REALLY motivates us to actually do something that gets us the results we want.

Too often we get super inspired or feel like we’re motivated only to have the effects be short-lived (or not really do anything different with our day at all). That’s ok – it’s totally normal. In fact, most people would feel fabulously inspired in the moment and then go about business as usual.

In this episode of the Health Mindset Podcast-

-Why do we feel totally inspired, yet don’t do anything different afterwards?

-Why is it so hard to find motivation to do things like working out or cleaning clutter?

-The one simple way to look at motivation to make it work every time.

-Why sometimes “motivating” yourself is giving you the exact opposite results you want.

At the end of the show, I teach you how to notice what does and doesn’t motivate you – and give you a challenge for the week.

Also discussed in this show:

Here’s that crazy, inspirational video I discussed at the beginning of the show –