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Forget “fake it ’till you make it”

“Our honest thoughts hold the key to our strongest mindset.” – Andrea Hanson

I believe we judge ourselves entirely too much.

This week I’m sharing my four new rules of mindset, designed to help improve self-compassion and confidence. I believe that having a strong mindset means embracing every aspect of our mindset, not just the positive parts.

By loving ourselves more and judging our thoughts less, we can achieve and actual positive mindset (no “faking it ’till you make it” needed).

In this episode:

  • Embrace a well-rounded mindset for personal growth and success.
  • Cultivate self-compassion while reducing self-judgment.
  • Develop trust in your intuition and gut feelings for better decision-making.
  • Discover the significance of your thoughts and how they impact your daily life.

Guest Spotlight: Andrea W. Hanson

Andrea W. Hanson is a motivational speaker and the author of two books about having a positive mindset while living with a diagnosis; “Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis” and “Stop Carrying The Weight of Your MS”.

She’s also a master certified life & mindset coach who’s lived with multiple sclerosis for over two decades. Her podcast, “Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis™” features conversations with people who are creating extraordinary lives while living with chronic illness.

Andrea teaches people how to tune out the noise of their inner critic and listen to their authentic voice so they can feel confident in their ability to make changes and create the life they want.

Her online course teaches the Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis™ blueprint to help people living with a chronic illness to create self-care, deeper confidence, and helps them get back to feeling like themselves again. Get more information and join the waitlist at

Andrea loves to hike in the mountains with her Blue Heeler — and sometimes other humans, too. She’s happiest when traveling with her husband and exploring new things — or simply sitting poolside with a good book.

Connect with Andrea W. Hanson

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NOTE: This podcast was transcribed by an AI tool. Please forgive any typos or errors.

Andrea W. Hanson

Welcome to the live your life, not your diagnosis podcast. I'm Andrea Hanson, author, motivational speaker. And master certified coach. When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I was told. I would never reach my goals. But I did. And I'm on a mission to prove that life with a chronic illness can still be expansive and quite remarkable.
Everyone has their own unique path. I'm talking to people, living with a chronic illness that come from different backgrounds, have different points of view and are achieving amazing life goals of all kinds. To you inspire you To achieve what you thought was impossible. These stories are raw. Uncensored and judgment free. Listener discretion is advised
[00:00:43] Andrea: hey there. Thank you for joining me. This is Andrea Hanson. And this week I want to talk about the four new rules of mindset. Now I should say my four new rules of mindset. A few weeks ago, I sent an email message to my newsletter subscribers caveat. If you want to get on the newsletter and get letters like this from me, the link is in the description of this episode .
This was one of those letters that just spilled out of me. And I want to read it to you. Because I think these new rules clear up the ambiguity's when people think about how to have a stronger mindset.
There's so much focus on the positive thinking, especially right now.
And if you're a follower of this podcast, you've heard me talk about it. You've heard many guests talk about the focus on staying positive. And how it can actually turn into a negative and actually be kind of a pressured situation to stay positive. And I love positive thinking. There are so many benefits to positive thinking. I love having a positive attitude. I love all of that.
But I teach what I call the whole mindset method. Which means that we can learn to leverage every aspect of our mindset. Not just the positivity portion of it. And in fact, you're so much stronger when you do use your whole mindset.
So if you're coming into this episode, wondering what mindset really is to begin with. Like, maybe you've got an idea, but you're not entirely sure what the specifics are. I've got you covered. Go back and listen to episode 51, where I talk specifically about what mindset is. And how it's different from things like mindfulness and positive thinking.

[00:02:33] Andrea: So let's get right to it. These are my four new rules of mindset and a letter that I wrote my newsletter audience. With. Kind of ideas about how we are. Pretty hard on ourselves.
The four new rules of mindset. Number one. Love yourself more. Judge your thoughts less.
Number two. Embrace your gut feelings.
Number three. Don't fear your fear. And number four. Every thought has a purpose.
I believe we spend entirely too much time judging ourselves. We judge our appearance, our intelligence. Our success in our career, our abilities as a partner, a parent, a friend. We judge our personality. How we act in public, how others perceive us. And we judge our thoughts. The most personal of things.
That are for our minds. Only we judge those things too. Are we too much? Two negative two, reluctant to outlandish. Are we offending someone. Or doing too much or doing too little. What do people think about us?
Even if we don't notice these judgements in real time, we see them play out in our daily lives. Maybe we people please. Have imposter syndrome. Don't allow ourselves to speak up. Don't ask for what we want. Or downplay what we need, if something is offered. Maybe we have poor boundaries. Or don't have them at all.
Maybe we say yes, more than we want. And no, not nearly enough.
I believe that all of this, the judgment and how it plays out in each of our lives. Starts with our mindset.
In an effort to make our mindset better, stronger, and more helpful. We judge it. We try to push it to be. Positive. Pretty sparkly.
And although that pretty sparkly part of positive thinking does work.
It doesn't work so well when we're ignoring. The rest of what we think.
I believe we're letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. The positive thoughts. The mantras and positive vibes are pushed out front. When our honest, not so pretty thoughts. Are locked away.
But our honest thoughts. Hold that key. To our strongest mindset. What are we trying to tell ourselves? That message has gold in it. Even if it's surrounded by dull, ugly rock.
I believe that having a truly strong mindset means we're honoring our whole mindset. Not just the pretty parts of it.
How does a truly strong mindset play out? In our daily lives. We have the confidence and the grit to speak our minds. To ask for what we want and graciously accept it. When it comes our way.

We create boundaries. And say no. We stopped saying, sorry. And let ourselves simply exist. Comfortably. Exactly as we are. How does a strong mindset play out in our future? We become fluent in using the power of our mindset. We're able to define our worth by our own values and see external feedback as data.
Not validation.
And my personal favorite. Is that we look up one day. In a place that we only dreamed of being, and we don't even really know how we got there.
Because we're powered by our own confidence and courage to follow those little nuggets of gold that appear when we trust ourselves and we trust our gut.
A strong mindset allows us to be our own teachers, our own guides. Our own gurus. And it all starts with these four new rules. Number one. Love yourself more. Judge your thoughts less. Number two. Embrace your gut feelings. Number three. Don't fear, your fear. And number four. Every thought has a purpose.
That my friend is pure freedom.
I hope this has helped you. Giving you something to think about and maybe given you something that you can put to use. Right now in your mindset to make it a little bit stronger. I will talk to you next week. And until then, Take care. If you like the show, don't be shy. Please give us a five-star rating and review. Follow us on apple podcast, Amazon music or wherever you're listening right now. To see complete show notes and resources mentioned in this episode
visit Thank you for joining me And until next time take care

About Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis

Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis podcast

Hear inspiring discussions with people living with chronic illness. These people went after their passions and big goals -even when everyone told them they couldn’t. Listen to stories of resilience and gratitude in the face of uncertainty.

I’m your host, Andrea W. Hanson, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Autoimmune Rebel living with multiple sclerosis. You’ll not only fall in love with these guests, but you’ll soak up positive mindset tips and ideas to find your own unique path to success.

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