Health Mindset Podcast, Episode 18

This is the last podcast in a three-part series where I talk about my book, Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS. In this podcast I talk about my personal struggles with diet, why finding an MS diet is so tough. And I reveal the real reason why diet has become a four letter word for all of us.

Find out why what we eat is so important (it’s more than you think) and why it’s completely possible to create a diet you love AND will be motivated to stick with for the long-run. Because why should we go through diet-suffering if the payoff won’t last anyway?

Join me as I share the behind the scenes look at what I was thinking as I wrote this chapter, and a reading of Chapter 3 of my latest book. (Available in your favorite bookstores now.)

If you have questions you want me to answer, don’t be shy! This was so much fun I will definitely do more Q&A podcasts. Send questions to

In this episode, you will learn-

-How to create a food journal that is actually helpful and doesn’t suck.

-2 simple moves to clean up your diet immediately.

-What you should know before you go gluten free (or sugar free, or carbohydrate free…).

-Why I think following guru diets (like the MS diet) can be unhelpful for long term health.

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