The Health Mindset Podcast with Andrea W. Hanson

Health Mindset Podcast, Episode 5

What’s your energy type? Do you know? On this episode I’m talking all about energy – not the kind that gives you pep, but the type of energy you use and if it’s working for you.
We all have energy that we give off. I’m sure you’ve noticed when a person walks in to the room and you can feel if their energy is positive without even talking to them. You’ve probably had “gut feelings” from time to time. This happens because we all give off energy. But are you using yours to get the health you need?

In this podcast you will learn-

-Two main types of energy and how they fit into your health.

-The one energy you need to master for better health and overall success.

-Why telling your body to be healthy can have the opposite effect.

At the end of the episode, you’ll learn how to do a quick survey of your energy, so you can switch it to what’s most helpful for you.

Are you ready to apply this to your life?
Accountability. Specific actions. Solutions that fit your life.

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