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The Health Mindset Podcast with Andrea HansonHealth Mindset Podcast, Episode 7

The work/life balance is something everyone wants. Whether it’s too much work and not enough personal time or wanting badly to get back to work but life keeps getting in the way. Feeling like there’s an imbalance to life is a big problem that I see everywhere in our culture. What balance is means something different to each of us, but all of us can agree that once we have this balance, life would be satisfying and secure.
Who doesn’t want that?
But the problem is, many don’t feel like they have this balance. The work/life balance is one of the biggest topics of coaching for my clients. I get so many questions from frustrated people about how to feel like one part of life isn’t eating up all their time. The good news is it’s totally attainable – if you know where to look.

In this episode, you will learn-

-The one thing you must do first before you can find balance in your life.

-How our goals for a balanced life work against us.

-Why your priorities aren’t what you think they are.

-The three steps that can help you align your true priorities with your life.

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At the end of the episode, I give you the first steps you must do before you can create your work-life balance. These are crucial and why often we feel like a balanced life will never happen.

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About Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis

Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis podcast

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